Saturday, November 7, 2009

#21 - Week 9 - Podcasting

I must admit that I wasn't exactly sure of the definition of a podcast. I pretty much picked up the general idea from context clues, but if I listened to one, I probably couldn't have told you that I did. I realize that I have listened to hundreds of podcasts over the last few years, namely the "LATEST NEWS" podcasts on my Internet provider's home page. I've also listened to podcasts on my favorite sports websites (,,, etc).

I checked out and to locate a few podcasts that I could add to my Bloglines account. Once I re-consulted the directions (after some trial and error) for adding the RSS feeds, I added two podcasts to my account. One is educational, while the other is definitely informative, but only for a sports fan. The first podcast is called EscapePod, which is dedicated to science fiction writing and reviews. Out of any genre, science fiction is my favorite, so I wanted to add this podcast so that I can receive updates on the latest science fiction works hitting the stores. The second podcast is titled Pardon the Interruption, which is a daily show on ESPN that I often miss because I am still at work when it airs. Now I can always check it out whenever I want, even if I have to work late.

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