Sunday, November 8, 2009

#23 - Week 9 - That's All, Folks

Classroom 2.0 is a very unique method of learning how to use some of the newest technological advancements. Not being a tech-head myself, I probably benefitted from this course more than most. The amount of work that had to be completed was pretty evenly spaced out through the weeks, which was really helpful because, as returning students with full-time jobs, we do not have the luxury of dedicating 100% of our time to our studies. I realize that I am generalizing and speaking for others, but I am pretty sure most of my classmates would agree.

A few of the Web 2.0 tools stood out to me. I will absolutely use my Bloglines account, Technorati to keep track of blogs and editorials, my Zoho account, and my LibraryThing account. These are the sites and accounts that I will probably use the most in the near future. After putting so much work into this blog, I plan on keeping it updated with information related to 2.0 tools.

I am now familiar with several Web tools that I would otherwise not have explored on my own. Perhaps I would have inadvertently stumbled upon them during an information search or something like that, but this course forces you to use these tools for a purpose. The neat thing about the course is that completing the exercises is pretty fun, and you can't really say that about most coursework. I wish I could, but I just can't - with this blog being an exception.

Finally, here's a sentence that sums up the course for me: A cool method of learning how to use Web 2.0 tools without repetition and monotony getting in the way.

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