Sunday, November 29, 2009

Week #12 - Assistive Technology Software Solutions

After I downloaded the Inspiration 8 software, I started to view the tutorials, which emphasized repeatedly that a visual learning format improves student performance. I looked through the various lesson plan examples already pieced together, and I could see the concept of visual learning taking shape, so to speak. I was impressed how the software can support any curriculum in any subject area. Actually putting together a visual lesson plan was a little tedious at first. Although not absolutely necessary, it is probably a good idea that anyone using Inspiration 8 view the tutorials before attempting to put together lesson plans. Overall, Inspiration 8 is pretty innovative and provides a useful alternative to more traditional lectures, handouts, or lesson plans.

InfoEyes is an excellent service for the visually impaired. The service provides live library support, which I am sure few information sites can match. I don't think I have ever heard iVocalize software being used, but I am sure it has similar features to the assistive technology software that I reviewed.

I was definitely surprised that the basic Windows Vista software available at my fingertips is so extensive when it comes to assistive technology. The options and adjustments that can be made to aid a user with a disability are quite extensive. Actually, there were probably more tutorials about the various options available for Vista than for the other assistive technology software that I read about.

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