Sunday, October 25, 2009

#17 - Week 7 - The Sandbox

Man, I had a tough time on this exercise, to be perfectly honest. I'm not sure exactly why. Creating the lesson plan wasn't a problem, but figuring out where and how to post it certainly was. My main snag was figuring out how to create a link of the lesson plan in the Sandbox. Once I finally got over that hurdle, everything was aces. Here is a link to my WebQuest lesson plan:'+Fate.htm

Sunday, 11/1/09 at 7:36 PM - UPDATE! UPDATE! - The above lesson plan is a solid one (in my humble opinion, of course), but is probably not as web-based as it could and should be. I put together another lesson plan that incorporates more web-based activities. The lesson can be found at the following link and also on the class wiki:

Note: I'm not sure why the above links are not directly sending the user to the webpages. I couldn't figure out how to "link" them.


  1. even for fictional endings, you need some criteria for judgment (e.g., writing quality, internal logic, justification of stance, voice).
    Students could peer review writing.
    Theoretically, students wouldn't need to use any of your URLs (they are referential), which isn't in the spirit of webquests.

  2. I might have to redo the webquest lesson plan. Not for a different grade or anything, but because the current lesson plan isn't as web-oriented as it could be, and it makes the LibraryThing exercise for Week 8 pretty difficult.