Thursday, October 29, 2009

#18 - Week 8 - Zoho Writing

Zoho Writer is an excellent tool that eliminates a lot of the extra steps necessary for word processing "the old-fashioned way." Out of all of the web technologies that I have seen this semester, this is one that I will probably use most in the future. The tutorial is informative, but not overwhelming. Every web innovation always tries to show its potential users that it is the greatest advancement of all time, but the Zoho crew actually made me believe them that they are indeed top notch. The tutorial/introduction was that convincing to me. I created a simple document - just a greeting to anyone from LS 589 - and saved it to my account. I did run into a little trouble, though. I attempted to add the document to my blog, but I, uuhhmm, couldn't find it at first. I eventually found it after I first published this post, so that is why the chronology is a little off. In retrospect, adding the document was pretty easy - I just had to find it in the Drafts section of this blog. Anyway, Zoho Writer looks to me to be an extremely useful tool that I will more than likely return to often.

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